the voices that
keep El Mozote alive
Short Documental
What’s left of our lives:
The survivors of the El Mozote massacre
Angel and Rosario spent five years hiding in the mountains. Sofía was raped. Antonio saw the army kill his entire family. Fidel survived a grenade attack inside a cave. Sonia spent her whole childhood as a refugee. Five survivors of the worst massacre of the Salvadoran civil war recall their escape from the Atlacatl Battalion. Calling for justice and reparation, they are now face-to-face in court with the military command of the Salvadoran Army during the civil war (1980-1992).
Making of
Sketches of the massacre: Recreating the massacres at El Mozote and nearby places
A team of illustrators, a photojournalist, a videographer, a reporter, and a sound engineer traveled to the sites of the massacres at El Mozote and nearby places, to recreate the stories of survivors through animation. In this look inside the creative process, the team recalls spending time with the victims and reflects on the importance of that method to show what happened during that atrocity in as much detail as possible.

Coordinación editorial:
Óscar Martínez
Coordinación de
ilustración y animación:
Rafael Pineda (Rapé)
Animación e ilustración:
Rafael Pineda (Rapé), Brian Martínez (Livoight), Berenice Rodríguez, José Luis Pescador, Ricardo Peláez Goycochea, Daniel Sainz Polanco, Santiago Pineda
Nelson Rauda y Víctor Peña
Mónica Campos
Eduardo Cáceres
Víctor Peña
Daniel Reyes y Lisset Guevara
Análisis y corrección ortotipográfica
del informe de la Comisión de la Verdad:
Héctor González Guerrero
Producción ejecutiva:
Carlos Salamanca y Mauricio Sandoval